To day I bought this awesome thing to my friend! I LOVE IT! Ha ha haha, as you can se it’s a sperm cell - but what is it?! .. arh, it’s not a dildo, sorry but no. It’s not shampoo?.. It’s alcohol! :D yeah, alkohol with fruit taste, 15 % alcohol and a awesome bottle you can sneak in anywhere :D .. but why Anna, why on earth !? .. well, I have this friend.. the last time we were drunk she was so upset because the security took her alcohol, and she was so annoying after that little episode, it’s was the only thing she could talk about! - so therefore I bought this sweety pie :))))
BUT!!! - do not do this! It’s not legal to sneak in alcohol! + I don’t do it - it’s only my friend who does it (((((: I’m too sweet - I’m an angle who doesn’t sneak in alcohol !
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